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About Us

Troy Smith and his brother started growing hydroponically in 1987.

Soon after they realized the need for a store providing hydroponic growers with the supplies they would need.

In 2000 Troy moved to Austin to open a new location providing Austinites with a store geared toward hydroponics and aquaponics.

Since they have hired and trained staff with extensive experience in all areas of urban gardening and with special knowledge and skills on the unique growing issues of our area. Together they have a total of 30 plus years of growing and expertise in hydroponics, aquaponics, and organic soil amendments. They are constantly learning and welcome questions.


“One way we learn is that gardeners bring us plants to put under different growing conditions (growing medium, light, water, etc.) to find the best way to get the highest yield in the shortest time. Be sure to check these out the next time your in one of our stores.”

— Troy Smith, Owner


Our Goals

• To be your urban garden specialist.

• Make hydroponics and aquaponics affordable for everyone.

• To help educate the public of all ages (kids and adults) on the benefits of “growing your own dinner” and “growing your own vitamins and nutrients”.

Our Focus

• Stock exactly what customer needs and wants from beginner, to Master Gardener, to commercial grower.

• Stock high end to hobbyist supplies and equipment to make hydroponics and aquaponics affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our Approach

• No high-pressure sales techniques.

• High value products at a reasonable price

• Well trained, experiences and informed staff to help each customer make the right decisions for them and their goals.

Our Future

• Constantly add to our self-sustaining living line of products.

• Welcome special orders and ideas and suggestions from customers.

“Thank you for your interest in our company. Be sure to come by and pick up your Brite Ideas Customer Loyalty card, our way to reward you for your support.”

— Troy Smith, Owner

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