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Giving Back

We believe it’s important to be part of the local community.

Brite Ideas:

• Supports the Sustainable Food Center of Austin.

•Encourages the use of hydroponics and aquaponics by providing space for growing experiments. We provide a place for gardeners to bring cuttings that they want to find out the best way to grow them using hydroponics. Come by the store and see what we’re working on now.

• Helps people learn more about how to grow their own healthy food and flowers for their table. To do that we provide seminars taught by our staff and we bring in outside experts. Most of these are free. Check out our upcoming classes to see what’s coming up!

• Supports teachers and schools. Sometimes we go in to talk about how to grow your own food. Sometimes we set up aquaponics and hydroponics kits in classrooms. If you’re an interested parent, teacher, or school principal, please talk to us about coming to your school.

  • We support local schools and Little League.
  • We support local community gardens by providing discounts to them for soil amendments and plant food.
  • We support and participate in many local events, often supplying free gifts for attendees.


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