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Product Partners


happy-harry-brite-ideasBWGS_Logo_bright-ideas-partnerBWGS is one of the largest suppliers of year-round gardening supplies in the nation. BWGS is your source for fast, friendly wholesale service and shipping.

C.A.P. Controllers are one of the most preferred brands for indoor environmental control. Nearly a decade of industry experience and manufacturing has driven us to produce quality products at great prices, and continuing innovation keeps us on the cutting edge of our customers needs. Look for the C.A.P. Logo!

2009 Green MoleculeCo2Boost is made to distribute all-natural Co2 directly to your indoor garden. Through extensive testing we have found that DIRECT co2 distribution is extremely beneficial to plant growth and health.

Powerbox-brite-ideas-partnerPowerbox is the #1 source for cost-effective solutions that allow you to safely and easily install 240-volt power for running your high-wattage grow lights. Whether you have one light or 100 lights, Powerbox lighting controllers
run your lights at peak efficiency, while keeping you and your garden protected.


progress-earth-brite-ideas-partnerProgress Earth is the Global Distributor for the Vortex Brewer™ Compost Tea System along with one of a kind, organic and BioEnergetic nutrient rich fertilizer products. We help gardeners, professional growers & farmers grow the best gardens, crops, plants, trees and turf of their lives. Progress Earth is growing healthy people, plants & planet!

SMP-bright-ideas-partnerSoil Mender Products is a family owned company with over twenty-five years of experience in the composting business. Our goal is to form a relationship with our customers and offer a quality line of soil conditioning products among three product lines: Back to Earth, Soil Mender, and Yum Yum Mix.

Sunleaves-brite-ideas-partnerAs an employee-owned company, Sunleaves takes great pride in serving its customers with dedication and commitment. Through community and global involvement, we at Sunleaves are driven to be an environmentally conscious industry leader. Our focus is progressive growth and innovative products. The Sunleaves staff is committed to creating expanded product offerings based upon our mission of providing high-quality, efficient, earth-friendly choices for the changing needs of the marketplace and our environment.

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