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brite-deas-commercial-accountsMeeting Your Commercial/ Wholesale Aquaponics Challenges

Most commercial clients are looking for high yield in unusual locations or spaces.

Our wholesale clients are looking for good resale value..

We have both and more: 15,000 sq. feet of options, special pricing and expert advise in our store in Austin and our store in San Antonio.

For commercial uses, we recommend setting up aquaponics systems with:

  1. Worms
  2. Large reservoir
  3. Tilapia
  4. Large trays with media
  5. Large trays with rafts
  6. Solid separator
  7. Large 45-110L air pump
  8. Biozome, compost tea, general organics, Iron
  9. SaferSoap, Pyrethrin, and spinosad for insect control

We have a lot of options. Stop by the stores to see some of these in use.

Buy Trade Ins or Used & Save

We get great used equipment that we’ve tested. It goes fast so check the stores often. There’s a 24-hour money back guarantee to see if it works and is what you need.

Trade in and trade up to the latest, greatest products. The used section is a great way to get your feet wet with hydroponics or aquaponics at half the price, or less, of new equipment.

Trade or Sell

We will buy back equipment you bought from us if it’s in good condition. We also take equipment bought elsewhere.

Commercial/Wholesale Reward Program

Be sure to pick up your Brite Ideas Commercial Card at one of our stores. It entitles you to special pricing.

Mark Your Calendar: Classes & Events for Commercial Growers

We have advanced aquaponics classes taught in the stores. Go to Events for dates and times.


You’re always a winner at Brite Ideas. Check out our Contests to show off your hard work.

How else can we help you?

If you have ideas about how we can further support you, please contact us.



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