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Education and Training

At Bright Ideas, we feel a duty to our customers and community to provide tutelage and support for all the systems that we sell. We teach and give knowledge away freely. We will nurture a new found curiosity in Aquaponics or gladly help trouble shoot problems with an existing system. We can also provide training materials such as books and DVD’s. We have resources within the local Aquaponic community to obtain labor, education, fish, or camaraderie. Your always welcome to stop by and talk or check our the systems in the store.

We also offer training for Aquaponic Gardeners. We will come out to your house or facility and consult with you on placement, water quality, infrastructure, system design, and sustainability. We have systems in the store that students can learn from and be a part of. We offer group training or one on one. Call or stop by to organize your next training session with your whole family, partnership, or by yourself.

Aquaponics is a constantly evolving method. There is room for discovery and innovation by anyone involved in the endeavor at any level. You can be a part of the next evolution of food production in your own backyard or commercial setting.

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