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Hydroponics vs Soil

brite-ideas-horticulture-hydroponic-benifitsHydroponics Versus Soil


Hydroponics is gardening without soil. In hydroponic gardening systems, plants are placed in a growing medium and nutrients are provided directly to the roots. Many people are surprised that plants don’t require soil to live, but soil can sometimes be a very inefficient growing medium. Plants expend a great deal of energy growing root systems so they can search the soil for the water and nutrients they need to survive. By providing constant and readily available nutrition, hydroponics allows plants to grow up to 50% faster than they do in soil.

Gardening without soil offers many other benefits:

  • Nutrients – Complete control over nutrient balance.
  • No Yard Needed – Create a hydroponic garden in any indoor space.
  • Water-Saving – Hydroponic gardens use up to 2/3 less water.
  • Affordable – Get started on a very low budget, and save on any size of project.
  • Higher Yields – Hydroponic gardens are far more productive for their size.
  • Better Results – Hydroponics produces better tasting, more nutritional results.
  • Year Round Growing – With hydroponics, you control the season.
  • Enjoyment – Your success is all but assured with hydroponics.
  • Relaxing – All gardeners tell you the same thing, it is a relaxing hobby.
  • Family Experience – A great way to spend quality family time together.

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