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Getting Started

Hydroponics-brite-ideasWhat’s so great about hydroponics?

Using hydroponics to grow your food is a good way to begin to get healthier. You grow what you want faster, in a smaller space, anywhere using less water and nutrients you select. You are in control. Add fish and create an aquaponics system for a total food system.

Think about growing flowers, too. Some are good enough to eat. Some have medicinal purposes. We have the seeds and seedlings all year.

How to get started

Major things to consider:

  1. How much room do you have?
  2. How much work do I want to do?
  3. How much light will I have?

This will help us advise you on the best hydroponic system and plants for your situation.

Bring us any question. We’ll try to answer it. We want to get you started the right way. At Brite Ideas, we give you more that 10,000 sq. feet of choices and expert advice in two stores in Austin and San Antonio.

For beginners, we recommend

  1. A basic Hydroponics book.
  2. Attending our classes
  3. An all in one kit (like Emily’s Garden)
  4. Having a good source of water
  5. Having a reasonable climate/environment
  6. Simple System
    1. Drain to waste
    2. Deep water Culture (bubbler)
    3. Water Farm System

Buy Trade Ins or Used & Save

We get great used equipment that we’ve tested. It goes fast so check the stores often. There’s a 24-hour money back guarantee to see if it works and is what you need.

Trade in and trade up. We will take your used equipment.

Trade or Sell

We will buy back equipment you bought from us if it’s in good condition. We also take equipment bought elsewehere.

Customer Reward Program

Be sure to pick up your Brite Ideas Customer Reward Card at one of our stores. Get it stamped each time you visit. After 10 visits you’ll be entered in our drawing for a $25 in store gift certificate.

Mark Your Calendar: Classes & Events for Beginners

We have starter hydroponics classes taught in the stores. Go to Events for dates and times.


You’re always a winner at Brite Ideas. Check out our Contests to show off your hard work.

How else can we help you?

Have you read about it online or heard about it? If it’s best practice or cutting edge, we probably have it in stock. At Brite Ideas, we give you more than 15,000 sq. feet and two stores worth of choices in Austin and San Antonio .

See our current list of events

If you have ideas about how we can further support you, please contact us.


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