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N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technique)

NFT is a hydroponic technique that delivers a thin film of nutrient solution down the bottom of a channel, where the plant roots spread out and filter the nutrients from the water.  The thin film of solution allows the rest of the channel to be open to the air, which enables a high amount of oxygen availability for the roots.  The channels or gutters have plants spaced according to size and do not require any media for the plants roots.  This reduces to initial and future cost of supplies and plants are usually started in a rooting plug, where they are grown for a few weeks until sufficient root mass has developed and they are transplanted into the NFT channels.  Since the water delivery lines are usually of a small diameter, they have a high susceptibility to clogging from debris and additional solids removal is needed to ensure the delivery of solution to the plant roots.   Since there is no media for plant support or bacterial colonization, additional bio filtration and support may be needed.

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